Christ School Bengaluru Admission 2024-25 Forms, Eligibility, Curriculum Activities

Pupils at Christ are persuaded to be innovative, introspective, and value-driven learners. The students’ skills are identified, nurtured, and developed. Along with a demanding academic curriculum, students receive instruction in a range of co-curricular pursuits, equipping them to be great contributors for a brighter tomorrow. Christ Institution has a long and illustrious history of excellence in academics and co-curricular programs. Christ School Bengaluru instills a strong sense of discipline as well as real values. It is a leading educational establishment in Bangalore.

Christ School focuses on the entire development and comprehensive construction of the human being via moral living. All learners, regardless of caste or faith, are welcome at the institution; they are embraced and treasured for who they are, and they are encouraged to develop their intellectual, societal, and religious values. They will also have the opportunity to learn about Jesus Christ and His Gospel since they are blessed to be in this organization. Because they were founded by and for a religious minority population, the institution will give Christians priority in admissions and recruitments, and they will pay special attention to the faith development of Christian youngsters.

Christ School Bengaluru: Eligibility Criteria

  • Enrollment is required online.
  • The pupil should be between the ages of 5 and 6 years old. For Grade 1, the time limit is 10 months as of May 31, 2022.
  • Giving false details will result in the student’s registration/acceptance being canceled.
  • Filling out a registration form does not guarantee or certify admission.
  • There is an enrollment charge of Rs. 500/- to pay. (non-refundable)
  • After the application form is obtained, the date, venue, and time for the Entrance Examination will be informed to the applicants.
  • School administration maintains the authority to determine a student’s admissibility based on the details provided in the online enrollment application.

Christ School Bengaluru Admission Procedure

  • Every applicant for admittance must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who will be accountable for his or her behavior, academic success, supervision, and fee payment.
  • The Principal has the authority to deny admission to a student without giving an explanation. He also maintains the power to refuse any student’s ongoing learning if his or her behavior is deemed unacceptable or if his or her stay and study at the institution is not beneficial.
  • Certain government rules, as well as the candidate’s age, psychological state, attitude, and behavior, constrain admission to Christ school. Candidates for admission will be evaluated, tested, and accepted to the level for which they are judged qualified, based on the number of openings.
  • After Kindergarten, students choose from the ICSE, CBSE, and SSLC curricula. Parents are offered a choice, and the school officials make the final decision based on their policies and seat capacity. Once they’ve been assigned to a curriculum, they must stick to it. After the decision, no changes to the syllabi are authorized.
  • Only if space is possible and the criteria and circumstances are met can a student be transferred from one curriculum to another.
  • Only once all payments have been settled in the administration can the parent/guardian apply for a transfer certificate in the necessary form. Tuition charges are needed as long as there is no communication of a student’s departure from the institution.

Christ School Bengaluru: Examinations and Assessments

  • Frequent assessments are proven to be important for evaluating student achievement. They also encourage constructive competition among learners and keep them informed of their learning habits’ flaws and failings.
  • Four Formative Assessments (FA) and two Summative Assessments (SA) are conducted at the institution. Except for medical grounds, no one should miss any of these. Medical clearance is required to support such a proposal. Individual preference cannot be accommodated by deferring or anticipating these assessments. There will be no re-examinations in any subject.
  • On the Parent-Teacher Consultation day, parents and guardians are invited to meet with subject instructors to identify flaws and frequent errors made by their children in response scripts. Additional questions and conversations are only permitted with the approval of the Principal.
  • Advancement is dependent on grades in Formative and Summative Assessments, as well as internal evaluations centered on participation, research projects, homework, school activities, composition, overall conduct, co-curricular involvement, and other factors.
  • Learners who are unable to advance owing to their incapacity to study topics in English may be ordered to quit the institution. In this case, the Principal’s verdict will be conclusive.

Co-Curriculum Activities

School officials and well-trained physical education trainers support aspiring young athletes. Every young person gives renown to the institution from all sides. Both intellectually and physically, sport is treated as an independent topic. With happy and winning basketball players, the institution takes first place. They are given extra emphasis since they are members of the School Games Federation of India’s national squad.

Students at Christ School are encouraged to participate in a range of organizations and initiatives. Students are asked to participate in one or more of the various clubs available, such as the scientific club, sociology club, math club, artistic and poetry club, linguistic club, sports, and fitness club, environmental club, Kannada Sangha, Community Services League, and so on.

The Bharath Scouts & Guides’ mission is to assist youth in reaching their best physical, cognitive, cultural, and moral capabilities as individuals, law-abiding citizens, and representatives of local, national, and worldwide organizations. As the generations go, each Scout and Guide progresses from his or her original level of ‘Pravesh’ towards the next higher stage.

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