GATE 2020: Some Good Books to Prepare for GATE

Some Good Books to Prepare for GATE: GATE is administered jointly by IISC and 7 other IITs (Roorkee, Guwahati, Delhi, Kharagpur, Mumbai, Kanpur, and Madras). The applicants who are appearing for the examination, they need good study material to start their preparation. There is a list prepared to help the appearing applicants to prepare well for GATE examination. Let us have look at some good books to prepare for GATE.

List of Some Good Books to Prepare for GATE

Heat transfer

  • Reference book I- Engineering heat & mass transfer by R.C. Sachdeva
  • Reference book II- Heat transfer by R Yadav


  • Reference book I- Communication system by Simon S. Haykin
  • Reference book II- Principles of communication system by Taub 

Manufacturing science

  • Reference book I- Manufacturing technology by P.N. Rao
  • Reference book II- Manufacturing science by Ghosh & Mallik 


  • Reference book I- Fundamental of electric circuits by Charles K. Alexander, Mathew N.O. Sadiku
  • Reference book II- Engineering circuit analysis by William H.Hayt & Jack E. Kemmerly 

Industrial engineering

  • Reference book I- Industrial engineering & management by O.P Khanna
  • Reference book II- Operation research: Quantitative techniques for management by V.K Kapoor 

Electronic devices

  • Reference book I- Semiconductor physics & devices by Naresh
  • Reference book II- Integrated electronics solid state devices by Ben G. Streetman Sanjay Banerjee


  • Reference book I- Database concepts by Korth & Sudarshan
  • Reference book II- Database management systems by Raghurama Krishnan


  • Reference book I- Engineering electromagnetic by William H. Hayt Jr., John A. Buck
  • Reference book II- Electromagnetic waves by R.K. Shevgaonkar 

Discrete mathematics

  • Reference book I- Discrete mathematics & its applications by Kenneth rosen
  • Reference book II- Discrete mathematics structures by Tremblay & Manohar 


  • Reference book I- Measurement systems: application design by Doebeli
  • Reference book II_ Principles of measurement systems book by John Bentley 


  • Reference book I- Introducing to algorithms by Cormen
  • Reference book II- The design & analysis of computer algorithm by Aho, Ullman 


  • Reference book I- Fiber optics & optoelectronics by R.P. Khare
  • Reference book II- Optical fiber communications by Gerd Keiser

Data structures

  • Reference book I- Data structures using C & C++ by Langsam, Augenstein, Tenenbaum
  • Reference book II- Classic data structure by Debasis Samanta

Signals & Systems

  • Reference book I- Signals & system by Alan V. Oppenheim
  • Reference book II- signals & systems by Tarun Kumar Rawat

Process Control 

  • Process control instrumentation technology by Curtis D. Johnson

Analog Circuits

  • Reference book I- Microelectronic circuits by Adel S. Sedra, Kenneth Carless Smith
  • Reference book II- Integrated electronics by Millman & Halkias 

Engineering Mechanics

  • Reference book I- Mechanics for engineers (statics & dynamics) by Beer & Johnson

Digital Circuits

  • Reference book I- Digital systems: Principles & applications by Tocci
  • Reference book II- Digital logic & computer design by M.Morris Mano 

Strength of Materials

  • Reference book I- Mechanics of material by Beer & Johnson
  • Reference book II- Strength of materials by Sadhu Singh 

Control Systems

  • Reference book I- control systems engineering by I.J Nagrath
  • Reference book II- AUTOMATIC CONTROL SYSTEMS by B.C. Kuo

Design of machine elements

  • Reference book I- A test book of machine design by R.S Khurmi & J.K Gupta
  • Reference book II- Design of machine elements by V.B Bhandari

Electrical Machines

  • Reference book I- Electrical machinery by P.S. Bimbhra
  • Reference book II- A textbook of electrical technology by B.L. Theraja 

Theory of Machines

  • Reference book I- Theory of machines by S. Ratan
  • Reference book II- Theory of mechanism & machines by Amitabh Ghosh & Asok Kumar


  • Reference book I- A course in electrical & electronic measurements & instrumentation by A. K. Sawhney, Puneet Sawhney
  • Reference book II- Electronic instrumentation & measurement technique by William David Cooper


  • Reference book I- Vibration by SS Rao
  • Reference book II- Vibration by MP Grover

Power Systems

  • Reference book I- Electrical power systems by C.L. Wadhwa
  • Reference book II- Principles of power systems by V.K. Mehra, Rohit Mehta

Fluid Mechanics

  • Fluid mechanics by K. L Kumar
  • Reference book II- Fluid mechanics by R.K. Bansal

 Power Electronics

  • Reference book I- Power electronics by P.S. Bimbhra
  • Reference book II- Power electronics circuits, devices & applications by Rashid

Thermal Science 

  • Reference book I- Engineering thermodynamics by P.K Nag
  • Reference book II- Thermodynamics by R.K rajput 

C Language

  • Reference book I- data structure using C & C++ by Langsam, Augestein, Tenenbau
  • Reference book II- Let us C by Yashwanth Kenetkar

Theory of Computation

  • Reference book I- Introduction to automata theory, Languages & computation by John E. Hopcroft, Jeffery D. Ullman
  • Reference book II- An introduction to formal languages & automata by Peter Linz

Compiler Design

  • Reference book I- Compilers, principles, techniques & tools by Alfred V. Aho, Ravi Sethi, Jeffery D. Ullman

Computer Network

  • Reference book I- Operating system concepts by Silberschatz, A., Galvin, P.B, Gagne, G
  • Reference book II- Operating systems by William Stallings

Operating Systems

  • Reference book I- Operating System Concepts by Silberschatz A, Galvin, P.B, Gagne, G
  • Reference book II- Operating system by William Stallings

Note- Given article, Some good books to prepare for GATE 2019 is referenced from the India Today website.

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