Rishi Valley School Admission 2024-25 Application Procedure, Fees, Eligibility

Rishi Valley School Admission 2024: The Krishnamurti Trust in India runs the Rishi Valley Education Centre. It’s in a shielded valley in rural Andhra Pradesh, approximately 15 kilometers from the closest town, Madanapalle, and 140 kilometers north of Bangalore. The institution’s teaching program developed through many stages, including innovative educational methods, architectural development, a growing circle of learners and lecturers, and the development of a well-implemented curriculum that is evaluated and revised on a constant schedule. The school has been connected with the ISC school board since the 1970s and provides instruction to pupils in grades 4 through 12. Rishi Valley School is currently one of India’s most well-known boarding institutions, with students from all over the world enrolling.

The Junior School, which includes preliminary courses for younger students and grades 4 and 5, the Middle School, which comprises grades 6 to 8, and the Senior Campus, which comprises grades 9 to 12, are the twelve years of education. Check here for the details about Rishi Valley School Admission 2024.

Rishi Valley School Admission Procedure

Only individuals who are at a minimum of seven years old may be registered at the Educational Center. The early application does not carry any additional weight. Parents/Guardians must apply during the academics year before the academic year in which they want to enroll their children.

  • Grades IV, VI, and VII are the entrance levels into the Institution, and the ages for these levels are as follows: 8+, 10+, and 11+ are the appropriate ages. Our usual admission policy does not include primary level education, higher than class VII, and no classes lower than class IV, are available.
  • Admissions into classes V, VIII, and IX are usually accepted only in exceptional circumstances when a significant number of students leave from certain grades. We only have a few spots available for external students in the 12th ISC grade, since we have our pupils, about fifty in total accept a certain number of students from the ICSE 10 grade.
  • Approximately twenty-five people are accepted into the 12th In addition, the center acknowledges a handful of learners from our sister schools in Bangalore, Madras, and Hyderabad Varanasi. As a result, we have a very restricted amount of slots to share with other people. Outside applicants must be considered, and this must be done in a very selective manner.
  • External applicants will only be able to compete for a very small amount of seats as a result, and this will have to be conducted in a very judicious manner as a result. In most cases, once their Board exams have concluded, which is usually in the third week of March each year, applicants for acceptance to the Plus Two level will be interviewed.
  • Communication about applications for an educational year that begins in mid-June of a given year shall be examined exclusively between the first of September and the first of December of the previous year unless otherwise specified. The application must be received by the School Administration by the 1st of December, with all required information completed.
  • These Application Forms are reviewed by a Selection Panel in early January, and a listing of those applicants who will be summoned for an official examination and interviews is prepared.
  • Being invited to take the exam and interview does not imply that you will be admitted. The written exams are only available in English and mathematics. There is also an oral interview, which is intended to be attended by the parents or guardians of the applicants.
  • Acceptance offers are issued in early April, and the parents or guardians of chosen applicants are informed of the day on which their children will be required to report to the school for enrollment in the following school year.

Average Fee Structure of Rishi Valley School

On the announcement of admission, a non-refundable Admission Fee of Rs. 7,500/- is payable. The current fee structure, which is reviewed every year as needed, is as follows:

  • Indian students pay an average annual fee of Rs.5,90,000/-. Students in grades XI and XII are charged an extra fee of Rs.25,000/- each year.
  • Foreign students pay an average annual fee of US$17750 (NRI high). Parents who fall into one of the following groups must pay this fee:
  1. Parents who earn money in easily changeable currencies while working for an international organization like the United Nations. Who does not live in the country.
  2. This covers those who live and work outside of India, as well as those who operate on foreign-owned ships. Students in Grade XI and XII are charged an additional US$ 600 per year.
  • Students in Grade IX and higher who choose Computer Science as an elective subject will be charged an extra cost of Rs.1,000/- each year.

Co-Curriculum Activities and Other Facilities

  • The Junior and Middle Campuses are housed in their building, which has an open gathering area, a multimedia room, a scientific lab, and linguistic studios, there are also possibly the best libraries, as well as computer labs for Middle School pupils.
  • In non-academic fields, there are amenities for all big sports; an artistic branch with exercises including woodworking, pottery, textiles, painting, and visual arts; and special activity groups for subjects like mathematics, technology, and news affairs, birding, cooking, and theatrics.
  • Students in grade 11 participate in a course of General Studies classes intended at expanding students’ interests in the human experience and the global ecosystems, as well as expose them to current problems.
  • One time each week is set aside for all courses as a “culture class,” in which any subject of curiosity may be discussed in depth. These courses are designed to broaden students’ cognitive and social perspectives.
  • Three leveled fields and numerous courts are available for sports and activities. Throwball, basketball, tennis, and badminton are among the major field sports that are practiced. Morning physical activity is mandatory, and a yearly sports competition serves as a focal point for the growth of athletic skill and potential.

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