Accommodation Facilities while studying in USA

Accommodation Facilities while studying in USA 

While studying in USA there are many educational institutions in USA that will assist you in searching accommodation. Accommodation mode in USA is of 2 types- First one is on campus (such as student’s hostel) and the second one is off campus (such as Flat, paying guests, apartments etc.). Staying on campus is quite reasonable as compared to staying on campus.

Accommodation Facilities while studying in USA

1. On Campus Accommodation Facility

Whenever a student enrolls in a USA college or school then he/she receives a pre-departure orientation package. This package gives you options for where to live during studying in USA. Most of the school or colleges provide the facility of off campus accommodation to international students. Dormitories are nothing but buildings containing many rooms and often with 2 or 3 people of same gender per room. The dormitories share huge bathrooms. The students are advised to choose on campus staying at least for the first six months for academic and other activities. On campus accommodation also reduces the travelling expenses. As far as the meal is concern, the USA colleges and universities offer flexible plans for meals (in this the students can opt to pay for breakfast, lunch and dinner in advance). In most of the on campus accommodation, the students may deposit some amount for food when the semester starts which they may purchase from designated places. On the other hand, the dormitories have the benefit of ready to use facilities (such as telephone, electricity etc.) as well.

2. Off Campus Accommodation Facility

Off campus housing is the best option for those schools that does not provide any kind of on campus accommodation to its international students. The off campus housing office helps you in getting good place to live along with the information of neighbors, well known restaurants, shopping places, parks and public transportation etc. You can take the help of your friends from your school or you can also meet with a real estate agent. Do not forget to be careful from unspecified fees for the service provided.

Make sure that you will get a free telephone directory when you apply for telephone service. You will get to see the white pages (local residents list in alphabetical order), the blue pages (government contact list) and the yellow pages (business and advertisement contact list).

Well, of course the cheapest way to stay in touch with your close ones is through e-mailing. Every school or college in USA has their own rules and regulations for internet access. You can choose to pay certain amount to an internet service provider, if you wish to access internet off campus.

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