CBSE English Exam Pattern Changed


  • CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) has revised the examination pattern of 12th class English core subject for the upcoming 2018-19 board exams. The changes introduce in exam pattern will render the question paper different from those of previous years of CBSE exams.
  • CBSE board exam for class 10th and class 12th will begin after 15 February 2019.
  • The change has been introduced based on feedback received from the various stakeholders and subsequent deliberation in the meetings of the committee of course of the board and subject experts.
  • CBSE has made the changes by decreasing number of passages. Earlier, the candidate used to get three reading passages but now the students will get two passages instead of three.
  • Earlier total number of question in Section A was 24 but now it has been decreased to 19.
  • Now total marks attributed to section A is 30.
  • Earlier total number of questions was 40 but now this no. is limited to 35.
  • CBSE has also released the paper pattern and marking scheme officially on the board’s website.
  • The following changes have been made in section A-Reading of the question paper for English Core, class 12th for the session 2018 -19.
  • CBSE has also given a sample question paper for the class 12th English core paper. So that students get comfortable with the new pattern of examination in the specific subject.

Area Section ‘A’

Existing Exam Pattern

Revised Exam Pattern

The no. of passages in section A has been reduced to Two. 2 passage of 1100-1200 words.

one passage of 400-500 words.

1 passage of 800-900 words.

one passage of 800-900 words.

Typology of Questions
  •  6-MCQs (1 marks each)
  • 16 very short answer type questions including 1 on vocabulary for 1 mark
  •  1 short answer type question(3 marks)
  • 1 long answer type question(5 marks)
Passage 1

  • 5-MCQs (1 marks each)
  • 9 very short answer type questions including 3 questions on vocabulary for 1 mark each
  • 3 short answer type questions (2 marks each)

Passage 2

  • 2 long answer type questions worth 5 marks.
Total no of the question for section A 24 questions of 30 marks 19 questions of 30 marks
Total number of question in the paper 40 35


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