Stupid Things People Do when Online

Stupid things people do when online

One common thing which people do in their free time is net surfing. Internet is the new mode of communication but sometimes people do stupid things online that can spoil their reputation. Here are some absurd things mentioned which people do mostly online and they should try to avoid it.

People leave email address everywhere

While surfing net people generally leave their email address everywhere which is actually a way of spammers to contact you. Sometimes people leave their email address to get free gifts or sometimes for signing up newsletters. This will lead to thousands of unnecessary emails to your email id which are mostly spam or virus links. Do not leave your email unnecessarily on every place when you are online.

People click on virus links

People generally click on the links when they see attractive images or messages (such as you are the winner of 1 Lakh Rs.) but these links are actually virus links. These kind of virus links usually found in social networking site, like facebook, twitter etc. and people click on it in excitement. You should not click on it.

People believe everything that is written

When people search anything online, they believe on everything that is written. For example – Sometimes people follow home remedies for good health from unregistered site which can cause severe results. Do not blindly believe on what is written on internet. You should consult with the professional before applying or following anything.

People upload every image

Today people upload almost every image in social networking site. They transform their private life to public by publishing their everyday activities, feeling, thoughts etc. Well, making your life a public property is a moron idea to do and is not a smart thing to do online. You cannot understand the intension of the viewers.

People download free software

Downloading free software is not illegal but when you do it from less reputed source then it may create harm to your PC. It may install hidden programs that might put your PC at risk and hamper the security of your PC as well. People should avoid downloading free software from less reputed source and also should check the program before installing.

People accept every friend request

Nowadays there are millions of people on social networking sites but it is not necessary that you have to accept every single friend request that comes to your account. Sometimes people accept friend requests just by viewing mutual friends in the list. By doing so they are giving access to an unknown person to his/her photos, posts, timeline etc. This is not a brilliant thing and people should avoid it.

People send invites to full contact list

When people play online games or use social networking applications then they have to send invites to friend for registration to the game or application. People do this stupid thing by sending invites to the entire friend list. It will lead to spam or virus links. Try not to indulge with these kinds of useless things by sending invites to the entire contact list.

Stupid things people do when online

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