What are the exciting things about school that kids love the most?

What are the exciting things about school that kids love the most?

An honest thing is that holiday is the most exciting part of school. School might be boring and long but there are many things that kids love about school. Let’s talk about those things that kids love about school.

School days Friends

Friends are the most important aspect of everyone’s life, whether it is school life, college life or married life. The true friend makes the boring maths or chemistry periods quite interesting. Friends will help you in making notes before exams, he also awakes you in class. The friendship bond of school days is very strong. School friends are the most memorable part of every kid’s life.

Art and Crafts

Craft lessons are very exciting period of school life. Kids enjoy messing up with glue, glitter, scissor etc. They love to spend time on making art and craft works for many hours. It is also a very good way to show the creativity of kids. Kids keep on waiting for the craft period from the first period itself.

Back Benching

Kids scrambled for the last desk shows that the next period is of a extremely strict teacher. Back benching gives freedom to kids (freedom of falling asleep, freedom of gossiping, freedom of playing etc). Sometime kids also want to sit on last bench when they are not done with their homework or the teacher is not very strict.

Recess and free periods

Free periods are the surprise package for kids, when they pray and teacher is absent for the day. Kids start playing in the classroom itself in their free periods. Recess is the most awaited break. Kids love to share their lunch with their best friends. Recess gives a peaceful break to kids from studies.


Every school holds competitions to enhance performance and healthy competitive environment. Kids love to participate in competitions and show their talent. Competition can be in any field (sports, dance, music, drama, debate etc). Every student gives their best to be a part of these events and bring a healthy competition in the school, whether it is inter-school completion or inter-house completion.

Annual day celebration

Annual day functions mean no study, no classes, relaxation in rules, roaming around, having fun etc. Kids love to practice for annual day functions and also get opportunity to show their talent. Participating in school days annual functions actually bring a confidence level to kids which help them in future.

School days crushes

Having crush on classmates, junior or seniors is an important part of school life. Kids rush to grab a seat next to a cute classmate. They wait for lunch breaks just to take a look at his/her crush. Blushing to see your crush, teasing of friends, giggling when you see your crush are the sweet memories of school days.

What are the exciting things about school that kids love the most?

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