Tips to Prepare for SSC CGL Exam

How to Prepare for SSC Combined Graduate Level Examination

SSC (Common Graduate Level) CGL is a popular examination that every graduate student wants to qualify to get good opportunities. The competition level of SSC CGL is quite high because it is a tough examination. There are many graduates who apply for this examination every year but only very few able to succeed in the examination. Here are some tips that will help you to prepare well for SSC CGL examination.

Tips to prepare for SSC CGL Exam

  1. A very important thing to start preparation is to make a time table of study and you need to follow it regularly.
  2. You should start your study at least 3-4 months before SSC CGL examination.
  3. First of all you should download the syllabus for SSC CGL examination.
  4. You can buy good books to start your preparation for every section of the examination.
  5. You need to divide the syllabus according to your prepared time table.
  6. When you prepare time table do not forget to schedule regular time table for revision in your time table of study.
  7. Try to revise as many things you can 3 days prior to the examination.
  8. It is very important to take good care of your health during preparation and examination.
  9. You can also solve previous years question paper as many you can do for good practice.
  10. Practice all the sections giving equal importance, do not leave any one of the section even if you think it is quite easy section.
  11. When you are doing previous years question paper of model test paper try to solve 200 questions correctly and within 2 hours.
  12. Try to generate or find out new shortcut methods to solve numerical problems.
  13. Prepare the time management for SSC CGL examination. Decide that how much time you should spend on each section.
  14. Make a suitable time map for the examination that which section you are going to attempt first, which at second place then at third and four places.
  15. You should solve the section at first in which you are very confident and comfortable and so on.

How to prepare for SSC CGL Examination

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