UUHF Application Form 2024 Uttrakhand University of Horticulture and Forestry

UUHF Application Form 2024: Uttrakhand University of Horticulture and Forestry Entrance Application is going to release soon. Candidates can apply for admission to a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programs at the university like M.sc and M.Phil and some diploma and certification courses also. The University admits students based on their performance in the Entrance Examination. This university administers its own admissions exam.

UUHF Application Form 2024 Dates

Online Application opening date June 2024
Application closing date July 2024
Application correction  July 2024
Admit Card Availability August 2024
Entrance Examination date August 2024 
Result declaration date August 2024

Eligibility for UUHF Admission

  • Candidates enrolling for the Under-graduation program must have a qualification of 12th in the science stream from a recognized or affiliated board.
  • Candidates must have 55% marks in 12 Candidates having ST, SC, EWS, and OBC status might get relaxation in the minimum percentage eligibility.
  • Candidate enrolling for the Post-graduation program must have a bachelor’s degree in the required field in which he/she wishes to pursue post-graduation.
  • There is no age limit prescribed by the University for the UUHF Entrance examination 2024.

UUHF Admission 2024: Important Links

Information Brochure  Check Here
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Official Website Check Here

UUHF Application Procedure 2024

There are various entrance tests conducted by the University based on which the candidates will get admission to the university for various courses. The students must clear the tests conducted by the university and the result of this entrance examination will decide whether the candidate will get admission or not. The entrance examination is conducted via two modes i.e. online and offline, depending on the program you are applying for.

  • Candidates are required to register themselves on the official website of the University by paying Rs. 450/-.
  • Candidates have to pay Rs. 1000/- for entrance examination application and the correct documents have to be submitted by the candidate for bonafide enrollment.
  • At the time of the UUHF Entrance Examination, 2024 candidates have to follow Covid protocols respectively.

Exam Pattern 

UUHF Under-graduation Entrance Exam Pattern 2024: There are three sections in the UUHF UG Entrance Exam 2024 e. Physics, Chemistry, Biology (PCB), Physics, Chemistry, Maths (PCM), and Physics, Chemistry, Agriculture (PCA). Each Section will have 200 questions. The UG Entrance Exam will have multiple-choice questions. The Exam will consist of 200 questions worth 600 points. Both English and Hindi (Bilingual) will be the language of questions in the examination. There is No Negative marking in this examination.

Entrance Exam Syllabus


The system, Arithmetic, Geometric and Harmonic progressions, quadratic equations, Binomial Theorem, Exponential and logarithmic series, probability, trigonometry, Periodic functions, identities, Trigonometric equation, solution of triangles, Equations of Conic sections-parabola, ellipse and hyperbola in standard form,  calculus  Functions, limits and continuity, differentiation, simple cases, functions of a function, simple maxima and minima, scalar and vector products of two and three vectors, Velocity, acceleration, laws of motion, work, power and energy, motion under gravity and projectiles, principles of conservation of momentum and energy. Direct impact on smooth bodies, statics, and many more.


Kinetic theory of gases, Temperature, Thermal expansion, Heat, Specific heat, Heat capacity, First and second laws of thermodynamics, Heat engines, and Transfer of heat. Periodic motion, Simple pendulum, Forced oscillations, Resonance, Free and damped oscillations, Superposition principle of waves, Harmonic waves, Reflection of waves, Doppler effect, Properties of electric charge, Coulomb’s law, Lines of force, Electric dipole, Electric flux, Electric field, Gauss’s theorem, Electrostatic potential, Potential energy, Capacitors and capacitance, Current, Voltage, Resistance, Ohm’s law, Kirchhoff’s laws, Chemical and thermal effects of currents, Thermoelectricity, Magnetic field due to a current, Tangent galvanometer. Faraday’s law of induction, Lorenz’s law, Resonance and oscillations, Electromagnetic waves, waves and light, and many more.


Morphology of root, stem, and leaf and their modifications, Flower, inflorescence, seed and fruits, Development of male and female gametophytes, pollination, fertilization and development of an embryo, Germination, growth and development, Cell and cellular functions, tissues, anatomy of root, stem, and leaf of both monocot and dicots, secondary growth, Elementary study of Plant Physiology, Plant taxonomy and elementary study of various families, Classification of the plant kingdom, A brief study of the following groups/plants, Natural resources and their conservation, Plant tissue culture, biotechnology, and its applications and Zoology.


Atoms and Atomic structure, Periodic properties of elements, chemical bonding, chemical thermodynamics, redox reaction, states of matter, ionic equilibrium in solutions, nuclear and radiochemistry, hydrocarbons, halides and hydroxy compounds, biochemistry, and many more.


Agronomy, horticulture, agricultural engineering, agricultural economics, animal husbandry, veterinary sciences, and many more.

Post-graduation Entrance Exam Pattern

The UUHF PG Entrance Exam is open to those who have completed their Bachelor’s Degree in the required field. The Master’s Entrance Exam has 2 separate segments i.e. Segment I will be an aptitude test, and Segment II will be a subject matter test that you have chosen as your field for Master’s. The first 150 Subject Matter Test questions were focused on the aspirant’s chosen subjects/major. The subsequent 50 questions are all regular aptitude assessments. These 200 questions will be graded for a total of 600 points. Offline Mode e. OMR Sheet Assessment will be used to organize the PG Entrance Exam 2024.

PG Entrance exam Syllabus

Under the Aptitude test, the topics to be covered are Time and Work Partnership, Ratio and Proportion, Boats and Streams, Simple Interest, Time and Distance, Problems on Trains, Areas, Races and Games, Numbers and Ages, Mixtures and Allegations, Mensuration, Permutations and Combinations, Pipes and Cisterns, Percentages, Simple Equations, Problems on Numbers, Averages, Indices and Surds, Compound Interest and many more.

UUHF Ph.D. Entrance Exam Pattern

All Objective Type Questions are included in the UUHF Ph.D. Entrance Exam. Candidates will be given three hours to respond to these problems. The Entrance Exam has a maximum score of 600 points. The topics will be given to the candidates for research by the University.

Average Annual Fee of Various Courses in UUHF

Course Annual fee Structure
B.Sc Rs. 40,000/-
B.Sc (Hons.) Rs. 40,000/-
M.Sc Rs. 44, 600/-

Note: for more details regarding UUHF Application Form, candidates are requested to visit the official website of the University i.e https://www.uuhf.ac.in/

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