Auckland House School Admission 2024-25 Apply Online, Fees Structure

Auckland House School Admission 2024: There are two sites at Auckland House School. It is ideally situated 15 minutes short walk from the town center. It’s at an elevation of 7200 feet above sea level. With a significant number of students from all over the globe, the Institution continued to expand and progressively reinforced its worldwide reputation. Auckland House School fills a critical gap in the education of Indian students whose families work in Africa, Asia, Europe, and America. Students whose parents serve in the Armed Services or the Central Government and are subject to continuous moves may join the ‘boarding home’ and get a consistent, uninterrupted education. Auckland House School’s innovative attitude in offering healthy learning to females has not waned throughout the years. From a tiny school of 32 girls fighting to survive, Auckland House School is now a hive of activity. In the context of tremendous demand for admissions, the challenge today is to keep the number below the four-digit level.

Mission & Vision

The mission of Auckland House School is to provide a solid curriculum built on Christian principles and to instill values from Jesus’ actual teachings. It strives to cultivate ethical, spiritual, cognitive, and artistic qualities of the greatest kind. The formation of a well-rounded attitude based on personality, effort, and politeness is given special attention. Ownership and accountability teaching is an essential component of the academic and co-curricular curriculum at the School.

Auckland House School Admission 2024 Overview

School Name Auckland House School
Address Auckland House School, Shimla 171001 (H.P.)
Telephone Number 0177-2807060
Email [email protected]
Official Website
Board ICSE
School Type High School, Higher Secondary School

Auckland House School Admission Procedure

For Indian Students

At the age of three, children are enrolled in the Nursery class. They begin kindergarten at the age of four. Students from India:

  • In the month of December, an entrance exam is held for the Territorial limits.
  • Parents must submit a Demand Draft for Rs. 1200 to cover the cost of the brochure and application form.
  • This payment must be made between mid-August and the first week of October for the candidate to be eligible to take a discrete exam in the first week of December.
  • The parents will also have to submit all of the essential information of the grade in which the kid is requesting admissions with the deposit slip. It will also be necessary to provide the full communication address, as well as the Pincode and contact number.
  • The application form must be filled out and submitted together with a Demand Draft for Rs. 1500/-, which is the registration fee after the brochure and application have been obtained. Once the application money is collected, the kid will be admitted. This fee must be paid in cash or by Demand Draft made payable to Principal, Auckland House School, Shimla.
  • If admission is approved but the applicant does not attend, the security deposit will not be returned.

For International Students:

  • In the month of March, international borders will be required to take an entrance exam.
  • Between the first week of December and the first week of February, parents of international students must submit a demand draught of US $ 15 for the brochure and admission form.
  • Only when the money has been received will the candidate be permitted to take the Random exam, which will be held in March.
  • Aside from the admission fee, the parents will be required to provide full information about the class for which he is applying. It will also be necessary to provide the communication address and phone number in full.
  • Parents must complete the registration form and return it together with the US $ 50 after the form and brochure have been obtained.
  • Once the institution receives the money, the kid will be accepted.
  • The student will also need a student visa and will be required to present their passport to the institutions. Within 14 days of arriving in the nation, they must register with the Foreigners Registration Officer.
  • Fees must be paid in Indian rupees.
  • The security deposit will not be returned if admission is granted but the student does not enroll.

Annual Fee Structure for the Auckland House School Admission

Standard Annual Fee Structure
Standard (Nursery, UKG, LKG) Rs. 49,700/-
Standard (I – X) Rs. 51,700/-
Science (XI-XII) Rs. 64,400/-
Arts& Commerce (XI-XII) Rs. 63,500/-

Co-Curriculum Activities and Other Facilities

Extracurricular activities are valued in the school, and athletics are an important component of the curriculum. Annual Sports Days are conducted for different divisions of the Institution, featuring a variety of events. Hockey, basketball, badminton, cricket, and table tennis are some of the most popular sports. Physical Exercise is one of the topics that a certified P.T.I. teaches at the school. Hikes, tours, vacations, camping, and climbing trips are scheduled on a constant schedule. Student teams compete in local tournaments and competitions in complement to Inter-House events. There are numerous societies, each with its own set of publicly elected leaders.


  • Auckland House School was one of the first girls’ schools to provide activities such as climbing and hiking, academic tours, karate, and computer studies. Students are motivated to participate in as much community services and self-help as they can. They assist and participate in national and charitable initiatives.
  • All students and staff have access to academic materials in our school library. Books, journals, contemporary literature, and publications abound at the library. A big number of pupils may be accommodated in the wide reading room. The fully computerized library is a huge help to the teachers and students.
  • First Aid and Home Nursing are available at the school. Discussions and Poetic verse competitions in English, Hindi, and Punjabi are among the other events. Piano, Sitar, Vocal Performance, Dancing, Karate, and Roller Skating classes are all offered.
  • Via a variety of initiatives, the institution has made a step ahead in raising student awareness of environmental issues, including:
  • Owning a Paper Re-Cycling Unit as well as a Polythene Re-Cycling Machine. All of the institution’s paper waste is recovered and recycled. At the Annual School Carnival, re-cycled paper greetings and souvenirs are offered.
  • The institution has gone one step further and begun a rainwater harvesting operation. Besides being environmentally beneficial, this also aims to alleviate the seasonal water shortage.

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