How to Choose Graduate School to Study in USA

How to Choose Graduate School to Study in USA

There are numerous graduation schools in USA and finding top 10 out of all is little tough job. This article will help you to find out good options for graduate school USA. There are some very common questions discussed below, for which everyone try to find out an appropriate answer to make final decision.

How to Choose Graduate School to Study in USA

Tuition Fees

The In-State fees are different for different universities. For example – In the University of Texas you will be eligible to pay In-State fees (if you got RA/TA/Scholarship). At Texas the In-state fees is 1/3rd of the out-of-state fees.

If the in-state fees are minimal then HP will be 10. On the other hand if in-state fees are 1/3rd of the out-of-state or less then HP will be 5.

Duration of the program

This is also very important to know the duration of the course which you have applied for. Some courses are very lengthy. Most of the master’s courses will vary from 30 to 36 credits. Choose your school according to your preference.

Jobs after M.S.

Mostly colleges and universities organize job fair at least once a year. The companies visit the campuses during job fair to collect the resumes and sometimes conduct on-site interviews. You should rate the HP as 10 to those colleges that have a campus recruitment programs and 8 to those colleges where you have to search job by your own.


In master’s program, you will have 2 to 3 options, such as master’s with thesis, master’s without thesis etc. If you are interested in master’s with thesis then rate the HP to 10 and if interested in master’s without thesis then rate HP to 10. On the other hand if you are interested in non-thesis program but a particular school does not have this option then rate the HP to 5 and make your decision accordingly.


Always choose a good school according to your preference. If you can tackle with cold weather and have admission in the North then HP will be 10 but if you are not ready for this then rate the HP a little lower one.

Population of International student

Well, having many students from your home country has the advantages but disadvantages too. You will have a home feeling with many student of your own country but will have less chance to search part time jobs and scholarship. Having the home country students in your school within the range of 100 to 200 is a considerably good rate rather than many.


It is very important to look for a good college that is affordable for you. Affordability is an important factor to think about before you make final decision.


If you are an international student then you will be eligible to work for 1 year in CPT. Generally international students get internship during summer but few schools permit their students to work for 2 full semesters, such as UTA and UTD. You should rate 10 to those schools that allow internship for more than one semester in CPT and 5 to those that allow internship during summer only in CPT. You need to rate 0 to those schools that allow internship in OPT or does not allow.

Quality of Education

Quality of education means everything that is the important factors of your studies, such as course expenses, professors, cost of living etc. For example – if you have admission from TAMUK, NJIT and UAB then you should weight HP to10 for UAB, to 5 for NJIT and to 2 for TAMUK.

Appearing student Satisfaction

To know the actual picture of the school for your satisfaction, you should know the satisfaction level of the appearing students of that school. Talk to them and try to get an idea about the school. It will help you to make an easy decision for good graduate school in USA.

How to Choose Graduate School to Study in USA

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