List of the Greatest Leaders in World History

List of the Greatest Leaders in World History

A great leader has ability i.e different from other people to influence a crowd. They have charismatic power to rule others. There is some great leader that has taken the world along to make changes. Following are top 10 greatest leaders whose name has been written in golden words in world history.

List of the Greatest Leaders in World History

The great Alexander

Alexander is known as a greatest military leader who conquered the world. He was born in 356 BC and conquered the largest empire from Greece to Egypt and then to India just at the age of 33. He was undefeated in battle. He was died in 323 BC due to malaria.

Abraham Lincoln

He was elected as the 16th President of USA and led his nation during the US Civil war. He worked too hard to keep the people of the nation together in worse conditions otherwise there would have been many small countries rather than a strong country like USA. His skills like conviction, oratory, humility etc. made him different from others.


The great Asoka was the last Indian empire of Maurya dynasty. He was a very kind king who ruled from 269 BC. After the cruel Kalinga war, he decided to move on at non-violence path and thus he adopted Buddhism. He preached the moral values and lessons from Buddha’s life to common people.

Adolf Hitler

It might sound little weird that a person like Hitler is known as great leader. His actions were not that good but still the leadership skill makes him a greatest leader of the world. He was elected as the chancellor of Germany in 1933. He was very good at oratory skills, economic growth, propaganda, military expansions etc.

Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar was a Roman military who played an important role in the death case of a Roman Republic. From there he enlighten as a top Roman empire. His strategies, political fitness, abilities and decisiveness made it possible to gain strong following.

George Washington

He is one of the famous leaders till date the world have. He owned the leadership as the first President of USA. He has the abilities of decision making, tenacity, steadfastness etc. that makes him one of the greatest leaders of the world.

Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte came into power after the French Revolution and was French military leader. He was a cunning person and his small army was known as one of the strong army that can face big armies. He was very famous for his leadership and ruled for many years successfully.

Martin Luther King Jr.

He was a great leader and activist of USA in civil right movements. He was a member of clergy and known for his non-violence methods. He fought for racial equality and viewed a successful future to people ahead. He won The Nobel Peace Prize in the year of 1964.

Nelson Mandela

He was the first President of South Africa and was the leader of Anti-Apartheid movement throughout his life. He has great determination power, focus and very important the will-power that even after serving 30 years in jail he always fought for right.

Mahatma Gandhi

He was known as the Father of Nation and led India against many years rule of the British Company. He chose the way of non-violence and fought against British silently. After the independence of India Gandhi became the first face of the country.

List of the Greatest Leaders in World History

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