List of the Famous Celebrities who beat Cancer

List of the Famous Celebrities who beat Cancer

In recent times “CANCER” is very rapidly affecting almost all age groups. Mostly people surrender to this disease but there are certain procedures that can help them, such as chemotherapy and many new developments in science. Cancer has also affected many of the well known personalities. Many of them have fought against it and emerged as a true survivor. Here are the 10 famous celebrities that have beat cancer and become inspirational to others.

List of the Famous Celebrities who beat Cancer

Yuvraj Singh

He is a famous Indian cricketer. His life was moving on very smoothly but suddenly he detected with cancer. He went to Indianapolis for cancer treatment. He showed his sportsman spirit and fought against the disease. He emerged as a victorious fighter after his recovery. He has written his autobiography thereafter titled- “The Test of My Life: From Cricket to Cancer and Back”.

Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue is a versatile personality of Australia. She is a famous songwriter, actress and singer. She is well known star to her bollywood fans as “chiggy wiggy” lady in the movie BLUE. She was detected with breast cancer in 2005 when she was 36 years. She went through many painful chemotherapy and radiotherapy sessions. Everyone should take inspiration from her and be ready to fight against severe problem of life.

Christina Applegate

Christina Applegate is a famous face of American television and was detected with breast cancer in a very early stage. She had gone through proper treatment of radiation and breast removal. She had come back to her career path very soon after recovery and participated in cancer awareness programmes thereafter.

Lance Armstrong

He is a seven times winner of the Tour De France American biking championship. He had diagnosed with third stage testicular cancer at the age of 25. Doctors have told that he has less than 40% chances to survive but he did not give up. The cancer was spread to his lungs but he bravely gone through the painful sessions of chemotherapy in Indianapolis. He had proved that he is a great survivor and an inspiration for others too.

Barbara Mori

She is a Uruguay-Maxican model and became a famous face in India when she played leading lady in bollywood movie “KITES”.  She had diagnosed with cancer at early stage. She followed proper treatment and get recovery from cancer. She announced in 2010 about a short film by Namrata Singh Gujral titled- “1 a Minute”. This film is an inspiration for cancer patients.

Robert DiNero

He is an Oscar winning Hollywood actor and was detected with prostrate cancer at the age of 60. He fought bravely with the disease and proved that he is a true survivor. He had to face many treatment sessions. He is famous for his movies, Godfather II and Raging Bull.

Manisha Koirala

She is a well known face of Bollywood and is sensation for her movie “1942: A Love Story”. She was detected with Ovarian cancer and undergone a cancer treatment in New York. He spoke openly about her disease and recovery. She undergo many sessions of chemotherapy. She actively participated in cancer awareness programmes after her recovery and now is a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador.

Lisa Ray

Lisa Ray was detected with a very rare form of cancer that is multiple myeloma. She had to face stem cell transplantation. She is a well known face for her controversial movie “WATER”. This form of cancer is like incurable but she decided to move on with treatment. She come back to glamour world in 2012 after her successful recovery and got married. She donated some amount from her earning to the Institute for Myeloma and Bone Cancer Research in Los Angeles. She proved that if you wish to win then nothing can stop you.

Tom Green

He is a famous Canadian actor, comedian and rapper. He was detected with testicular cancer in 2000. He fought against cancer with bravery. He directed after his recovery a unique show that was telecast in MTV showing the documentary The Tom Green Special. This show tracked the whole story of his cancer and also included the graphic footage of his cancer surgery. He emerged as a great survivor of cancer.

Michael Douglas

He is the Academy and Golden award winning American actor. He was detected with stage four of throat cancer in 2010. His cancer was diagnosed in Montreal’s Jewish General Hospital and thanks the doctor who almost saved his life. He had to undergo many sessions of chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Finally, he became free from cancer and become a hero for his fans.

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