List of the Most Beautiful Dance Forms and Styles

List of the Most Beautiful Dance Forms and Styles

Dance is a very good form of exercise. Dancing is considered as good workout to well balance body and mind. There are a list of the most beautiful dance forms and styles mentioned below:

Belly Dance

Belly dance form originated in the Middle East popularized by Shakira. This dance from not only involves belly but the entire body. This dance form is very good for spine and also builds upper body strength. Generally belly dancer wears a fitted top with a flowy skirt which is traditionally known as bedlah.


This is considered as the national dance form of Ukrain and incorporates some brilliant acrobatic moves. Hopak needs lot of energy because it includes jumping, spinning and skipping. Now a day this dance form usually performed at the end of important ceremonies.


This is a beautiful dance form that makes complete use of full dance floor and usually performed to live music with a big band. This dance form was developed in 1910s and lift up in 1930s. This is very popular dance form because of beautiful variations of fast and slow moves.


This is a traditional couple dance form of Iberia. It is the main dance form of Portugal. The couple usually is two men, a man and a woman or very rare two women. The couple faces each and taps their feet. They keep on changing their position and clapping hands to create rhythm.


The origin of Mujra is Mughal era and now popularized through Bollywood. This dance form was developed by tawaifs and incorporates elements of kathak setting it to ghazals in Urdu.


It is a Spanish traditional folk dance form of Andalusia. Flamenco is a high intensity dance form with tapping, handclaps to create rhythm along with guitar playing and voice recitals. This dance form includes passionate and seductive moves. The costume for the performance is usually frilly, voluminous, long and bright colored.


The origin of tango dance form is Rio dela Plata and slowly became popular in other countries. It is influenced by European and African culture. The steps of tango dance form can be quick, elegant, sweeping, small or long depending on variety of tango. Regular practice of this dance form makes you more relaxed and focused. Some of the popular tango varieties are ballroom tango, Argentina tango etc.


Waltz is a smooth dance form performed with couples. It became very popular in Vienna in 1780s. Today many different types of waltz dance forms are popular in different countries, such as American waltz, Peruvian waltz etc.


Ballet is the most pleasant dance form originated in Italy and owns popularity in France. It needs lot of discipline because it is a technical dance form. The feet movements are very important for this dance form.

Break Dance

This dance form also known as b-boying. This a a street dance originated from New York in 1970s. It consist four moves- toprock, downrock, power moves and freezes. This dance form allows lot of expressions and requires lot of energy.

List of the Most Beautiful Dance Forms and Styles

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