Mayo College Girl School Admission 2024-25 Forms, Dates, Eligibility

Mayo College Girls School Admission 2024: The school, which opened its doors in August 1988, is entirely residential, with English as the primary language of communication. The academic year is divided into two semesters, which are called terms. Daily Seven, 40-minute class sessions, six days per week, for a total of 240 business days each year are scheduled in a block schedule.

Grades IV through XII is taught at this institution. The Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE) is one of the All-India Secondary Education standards recognized by the Government of India. Annually in March, the council administers two official evaluations: one at the conclusion of grade X, for which it grants the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE), and another at the completion of grade XII, for which it gives the Indian School Certificate (ISC). There is worldwide equivalency for these exams. Passing in grade twelve exams allows the student to enroll in the first year of a three-year Higher Education system at whatever National university after completing their secondary education. The school encourages each child’s uniqueness while also instilling in her a feeling of duty and concern for others.

Eligibility for Admission in Mayo College Girls School

  • Class-IV – Not less than 8 years old and not more than 9 years and 6 months old on the first day of April in the year of admission is permitted to apply.
  • Class-V – Students must be no less than 9 years and not more than 10 years and 6 months on the first day of April in the year of admission is permitted to apply.
  • Class-VI – No one in Class VI who is less than 10 years or older than 11 years and 6 months on the first day of April in the year of admission is permitted to apply.
  • Class-VII – Candidate not less than 11 years of age and not more than 12 years and 6 months of age on the first day of April in the year of the entrance is permitted to apply.
  • Class-VIII (eighth grade) – Not less than 12 years of age and not more than 13 years and 6 months of age on the first day of April in the year of the entrance is permitted to apply.
  • Class IX – Not less than 13 years of age and not more than 14 years and 6 months of age on the first day of April in the year of admission is permitted to apply.

Mayo College Girls School Admission Procedure

Each year, in the third week of November, a Basic Aptitude Assessment for enrollment to Mayo College Girls’ School is conducted at a number of locations across India. It may also be organized via the Indian Embassy in the nation where the event is taking place. The applicant is evaluated in English, Hindi, and mathematics in order to determine whether or not he or she has the necessary abilities in mathematics and languages for the student’s age.

  • The Basic Aptitude Assessment may be taken by students in the lowest grade, which is Class IV, and by children who have passed Class III, ideally from an English language school. Age limits are rigorously enforced, and the family is ultimately accountable for ensuring that all requirements are met.
  • The selection list is compiled based on Aptitude Assessment results, and those who qualified are invited to participate in an interview in December, January, or February. Admissions are approved based on the combined results of the Aptitude Assessment and the interview.
  • If they are unable to attend on the given day, foreign applicants may attend for the interaction after notifying the School of their accessibility for the interaction. Their children may begin attending school in July of the entry year.
  • Within ten days, families of accepted students are required to affirm their approval. The fee will be charged in line with the guidelines in the provided letter upon confirmation of enrollment. If the application is approved and subsequently rejected, the same would be refunded.

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Co-Curriculum Activities and Other Facilities

Via community outreach, the school encourages youth to meet out to others, and our S.U.P.W (Socially Useful Productive Work) courses educate youngsters on the importance of work morals and participation in communal volunteer projects.

  • Approximately a thousand persons may be accommodated at the School Mess facility. The Dining Committee prepares a menu of healthy and filling meals for the students, which is then distributed according to the schedule. This Committee is made up of representatives from the students’ unions.
  • Its 50-bed infirmary is conveniently situated on the school’s grounds. There is a resident medical officer (RMO) on-site, as well as a therapist and three nurses. Physicians in their senior positions are available on call at all times, including eye experts, dentists, and other experts.
  • With the consent of the families, vaccinations and immunizations are given to the girls on a regular basis. Parents and guardians of the girls are notified of any sickness or emergency that occurs, and medication is administered only with their consent.
  • When it comes to sports, Mayo is renowned for its excellent achievement in district and state-level competitions, and it is particularly evident at the inter-house athletics competition when players and viewers alike are enthralled by the energy and enthusiasm shown by the team.
  • A popular sport at MCGS is swimming, which is among the most popular options. In addition to two swimming pools, junior and senior, each measuring twenty-five meters in length, and jumping well, the institution provides a trained coach to ensure that children enthusiastic in swimming have a rewarding time.
  • Educational programs are being used to try to blend national borders. In order to benefit students from member institutions, the Association provides opportunities such as study overseas projects, apprenticeships, cross-cultural mentorship, and student conventions. Also, university admission seminars are organized for students in order to encourage them to pursue a postsecondary degree.

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